A simple idea

Pink Parlour was founded on a simple idea, that women should not be ashamed to seek a better version of themselves. Women should embrace their beauty and the rituals required to achieve that beauty. Beauty should be Bold; it should not hide behind a whisper or apologize for itself.



Welcome to the world of Franchises, where success lies in the application of a proven system. Every women would want to be the best of themselves, and Pink Parlour is able to meet this deep need across South East Asia with over 15 outlets (and 3 new ones in the pipeline).

I remember when I first started Pink Parlour, all I wanted was for a place where women can embrace their bodies and be proud of their grooming rituals. I had some experience working for a beauty salon chain with 7 outlets, however, nothing prepared me for the challenges of actually owning and running one. How I wish I had done it the easier way with a proper system, a 'template per say' and mentor to advice me on the challenges. Perhaps preventing me from the many falls and giving me tips along the journey of growth. Our system has brought success into the lives of our franchisees, partners and employees alike, and we are looking to impact even more lives.

Our approach and commitment removes two of the greatest uncertainty in business, the skills & knowledge gap and the big financial risks of starting a business. With over 13 years of proven success and experience, our Franchise Specialists are able to project cost and protect your interest during our relationship. Your success is our success! We invite you to take the Bold step forward with us.

Wendi Chan
Founder & Chairwoman

Why Us?

Pink Parlour started out as the rebellious sister of beauty salons in Singapore. Not satisfied with being just another solution for the removal of unsightly body hair for women, Pink Parlour took the market by storm with our bold and in your face approach towards waxing and nails. Clients walked in proudly to undergo our award winning painless Brazilian Wax. Pink Parlour captured the attention and imagination of the market with our strong brand recognition and was covered in every media platform available.
Today, Pink Parlour has expanded to over 15 outlets in S.E.A in metropolitan cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Jakarta. Pink Parlour has grown our service offerings and is now Asia’s Largest Spray Tan Provider offering our discerning clients not only a smooth solution but a shade to match their best as well.
Pink Parlour is focused to grow into SEAsia territories such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India & China.

Pink Parlour is one of the most reputable and we’ll know names in hair removal. Taking up our franchise enables you to tap into our over 100,000 regional clients.

When you join us we open up this base to you via our booking engine driving sales into your stores that’s why we need you to help us grow our foot print to better serve our clients.

Did you know that clients who buy from us can use their pre paid service at your local store even if it’s in another country!

Make a Bold Statement

The choice to be associated with Pink Parlour sends out the message that you are not timid and believe that the status quo is to be challenged. Pink Parlour is constantly on the lookout for liked minded individuals who are passionate, possess the desire to be different and are committed to serve and set industry standards.

If you are such a unique individual, we invite you to join us in offering women all over Asia a bold option of beauty, ultimately moving them towards a better version of themselves.

Why Waxing?

High Margin

  • Waxing is a service, meaning the margins are very attractive with a 10% product to service cost ratio

Monthly Maintenance

  • Hair grows back, clients come back, business keeps growing. With monthly opportunities to impress your clients your brand gets built together with your business

Limited Competitors

  • Waxing as a service is a blend of product and skill hence there are few players in every market.

Increasing demand

  • Globally the beauty trend is growing tremendously. The desire to go beyond looking sexy to feeling sexy and confident is growing. Waxing is a key aspect of this.

Quick Service Turn Time

  • Waxing if done right takes between 20 to 30 minutes, which means that you are able to serve and upsell many times in a day

Why Spray Tan?

High Demand from high spending market segments like

  • Body Builders
  • Expatriates
  • Fitness Models
  • Artists

Quick Service Turn Around Time

  • Serve many clients at one go or serve many clients in one day, increasing the income potential of each business day

Limited Competitors

  • Spray tan as a service is a blend of product and skill hence there are few players in every market.

Portable Solution

  • Great Scalability potentials as the equipment can be done both indoors and outdoors

The Pink Promise

The Pink Parlour Franchise System is a turnkey solution for aspiring waxing salon franchisees. Our solutions include the following and more! Discover how our 10 years of expertise can make the difference in your next 10 years.

Marketing Support

Over the last decade we have consistently out performed our regional competitors in terms of website traffic, social media and search wise are listed on page one for most of our relevant keywords in the countries we operate in.

We Are Hands On

Our management doesn’t stop at systems and processes! To ensure our franchisee success we will be very involved in all aspects from hr, finance, marketing and sales. You still own your business but we will be there shoulder to shoulder to minimise errors and avoid pitfalls early.

Affordable In-House Financing

To assist pre approved candidates we offer affordable in house financing to help you get started repayable over 12 months. Please enquire for further details.

Full Training Provided

As a partner, your success is linked to our success. Each of our partners are attached a field specialist who is experienced in setting up outlets and also run their own outlets as well. These specialists will assist you to achieve Pink Parlour’s standards of operation. 2 weeks of training will be provided and monthly training

Product Support

Control your costs and maintain the quality of your services with our own range of products and equipment. Leverage on our scale to access below industry prices for your business essentials.

Branding and Design Support

The Pink Parlour in-house design team is at your disposal. We also offer ready to go design templates for marketing control and even faster turn-around. Social media and email blasting support will also be provided for our partners so that all our partners have to do is to focus on growing the outlet.

IT Infrastructure Support

Our partners save significant capital outlay from our provision of websites, booking systems, App developments and POS systems. Pink Parlour system is a turnkey and plug and play one.

Detailed Reports

Part of Pink Parlour’s business approach is to measure everything. Our partners receive detailed reports of customers, profiles, bookings, performance of campaigns and other essentials to give their business an edge against the competition.


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